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The Way to Happiness: 6 Day Retreat with Venerable Pannavati and Venerable Pannadipa    




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                                                                                                                   Description: Picture     

The Way to Happiness: 6 Day Retreat with

Venerable Pannavati and Venerable Pannadipa                                                                                         
October 11-16, 2014

Flowering Lotus Meditation and Retreat Center,

Magnolia, Mississippi


                   Registration deadline is near - Register now!   Description: Picture

 “For the cessation of sufering, eight things are given the meditator.  

  It is called the eight fold path, as a  sequential breakdown.  But, in 

  reality, [these eight] occur IN A SINGLE MOMENT on the occasion

  of the path.”   -Visudhimagga XVI.75

  Nibbana (total freedom from suffering) is uncreated, not arousable by the path. Yet it

  is reachable by the path! This retreat will focus on Nibbana as the object of 

  meditation; to actually experience the path’s wisdom as it neutralizes the inherent

                                     mental imperfections that block our ability to be happy.   

       As long as a man is vague about the “world,” about its origin, about its ceasing, about the means that lead

       to its cessation, he cannot recognize the truth—and he cannot be free from suffering. But,Nibbana is

       existent and apprehendable here and now by the right means. We can abide in a state of joy that the world

       cannot give and cannot take away.  This retreat is open to spiritual practitioners of any level or any

       religious practice, particularly Judeo-Christian as we will recognize the complementary nature of Buddha’s

       delineation of “the Way.” Come with an attitude of confidence that real contentment and happiness is

       attainable by emergence of one’s own wisdom, regardless of external conditions. It just depends upon how

       one sees the “world.”


   The cost of this retreat is $350. A $200 registration fee is required to hold a space in the retreat.   The $150

   balance for the retreat must be paid in full by October 5, 2014 to secure your space. 

   Dana to the teachers is not included in this fee.


To register: